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Yondaime Mizukage - 矢倉 Yagura

"A brat who can't even leave his mothers side..
won't ever understand a thing about it!"
Anonymous: V8 lol If shisui were a beverage what would he be?

Shisui would be coffee with french vanilla creamer because that is how I take my coffee and because he makes my heart flutter so fast that I need to sit down and tell my self to take it easy on the caffeine. 

Anonymous: What do you think of the new naruto the last designs?

I REALLY REALLY LOVE NARUTO’S DESIGN. OMG. I cannot stress that enough. 
I like the rest of them too! But Temari’s is kind of.. eh. I am not digging hers at all. 



apologizing because i change my icon too much.
apologizing again because i’m probably going to change it even more tonight.


new sketches ~